Treasury Services

Securing our clients’ prosperity is our number one priority.

The UK is one of the leading international legal markets with an unparalleled global reach. Securing our clients’ prosperity is our number one priority. With that in mind, we want to make sure law firms protect their clients’ money as much as possible from currency volatility and be able to move their funds across different jurisdictions with ease and control.

Our legal cashiering and accounting business is subject to constant evolution, so are money markets and exchange rates. You need to ensure that international clients are not unexpectedly out of pocket, or exchange rate fluctuations result in unforeseen losses. Our dedicated treasury service enables your firm to get the best exchange rates with appropriate accounting and reconciliation processes.

Whether its client money, disbursements or cross border office payments, tlam’s treasury solutions provides our clients with the best foreign exchange payment institutions coupled with our systems and expertise.

Email us with your query on international payments in order to find out more about our services.