Data Privacy & GDPR Services

Privacy consulting

We provide GDPR training, DPO support and bespoke advisory services for clients in both the United Kingdom and abroad. Our Data Privacy Consultancy employs a straightforward approach on a risk-first basis. Our ISO certified privacy professionals help organisations integrate privacy risk management across all aspects of the business.

Focusing on everything from your brand and communications, operating procedures, culture and IT systems, our solution is deep and comprehensive.

Privacy Management and Administration

Our team advises clients on their obligations when responding to often complex data subject access requests (DSARs). Our experienced ISO Certified practitioners are confident in arming your organisation with processes and tools fit for purpose in the digital economy. Our experience in Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS) implementation allows us to “plug and play” within your network architecture to pinpoint your digital infrastructure strengths and identify areas for improvement. Our services include:

  • Basic PIMS Adminstration: Including DSARs, Incident Response Management, Ongoing Training, Privacy Impact Assessments, Legitimate Interest Impact Assessments, Policy Updates, this is the ideal solution for companies with low privacy risk exposure.

  • Advanced PIMS Administration: For companies with significant privacy risk exposure we add into the mix, regular and rigorous auditing in the supply chain, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), regular reviews and GAP analysis, board-level reporting and advanced Incident Response Planning.

  • Outsourced DPO: We provide ISO certified privacy practitioners to your organisation, delivering a fully accountable solution and leadership on your privacy strategy.

Privacy Projects

Our philosophy is simple: we seek to position your business as a privacy by design enabler. We work with your senior stakeholders to bake privacy into your software and services. 

As project managers, we integrate privacy risk management as a central tenet of your product roadmaps and service strategy. We codify policies, values and best practices into the underlying platforms thus enabling shared responsibility of stakeholders in your infrastructure and supply chains. 

Our team is comprehensively equipped with risk management skills, legal knowledge and technical know-how. This unique interdisciplinary combination helps us deliver projects through sprints and other agile methods, communicating themes, stories and tasks in a coherent and efficient manner.