Consultancy and Training - Compliance Services


We offer a range of compliancy services to help firms navigate what we call ‘meta-accountability’. Good compliance derives from good quality, and we like to help firms make best practice the minimum and establish lasting cultures of diligence, discipline and empathy.

Solicitors Accounts Rules

We help firms stay focused on delivering compliant legal services to their clients. We believe that discipline and good habits make SAR compliance a doddle. The Accounts rules are due to change in November to remove many of the prescriptive rules and we are here to help firms transition to the new regime while maintaining good standards of client money management.

Anti Money Laundering

The legislative framework surrounding anti-money laundering policy is subject to constant change and with that comes additional complexity and requirements that law firms need to meet. The fourth European Money Laundering Directive (4MLD) came into force in 2015 and is only one of the many pieces of legislation that are yet to come. Despite Brexit, the UK will still have to meet the high standard of the EU in order for the UK law firms to be able to operate inside the EU at least. In such a regulatory complex regime, tlam can ensure that not only your firm remains complaint with the AML policies, but that it is also miles away from its competitors and therefore gives you the time to invest in what makes you money, your clients and reputation.

We assist with the following:

  • Advanced due diligence methods on complex corporate structures;
  • Implementing robust policies and AML management systems;
  • Training.