Rendr has been designed to keep cashflow simple for regulated businesses. Inspired by the needs of law firms, Rendr gets the funds from your client to your bank account by simply collecting via e-mail or SMS.

The benefits of using Rendr:

- Compliance and Privacy by design
- Competitive fees
- Fees not being deducted at source but at a later stage of the process from an account of your choosing
- Trusted and PCI Complaint Processor
- Payment requests via email, SMS and phone call
- Multiple payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Our aims

We've been managing client money for law firms for over 10 years, and we have put our expertise into a simple product. Our aim is to render accounting a streamlined, efficient and secure service, whilst simultaneously breaking down the barriers to payment. In response to the hefty regulatory banking regime, Rendr offers simplicity coupled with time and cost efficiency.

Our future

Aligned with our technology roadmap, Rendr has plans to move far beyond card payments into online banking payments via the Open Banking Initiative. Our vision is for Rendr to receive authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in order to use Open Banking for the provision of our services. The Open Banking Initiative is the future and Render is part of that future.

Our journey

tlam has been providing Outsourcing, Consultancy and Technology Services to Law Firms since 2008. The Group has supported more than 50 law firms across the UK and has successfully consolidated its presence in the legal market as a pillar of growth.

We currently support major cards via Stripe Connect.