This portal has a designated knowledge bank for Cashierhelpline clients. If you are having problems logging into the  system or viewing files, contact support on  01684342023.

Feel free to upload documents, reports you want us to check or work on.

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This area is for existing Tlam clients to review their performance. If you’d like to find out about how we can give you quality reports, click here.



This portal is dedicated to Partners, Fee Earners and Employees to view, send and collaborate on documents. Read about our plans to improve our communications systems in your welcome folders.

We have already implemented changes to our Data Protection Policy in anticipation of GDPR, you can read them here.

Getting Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

As change in the digital age is gaining momentum, tlam is keeping up. In 2018, we will be publishing our White Paper on future technologies that can add real value to Legal and Professional Services.