Headed up by one the legal sector’s most experienced financial directors Tlam has navigated, restructured, reshaped and consolidated law firms’ finances in tune with complexities of market and regulatory conditions.

In 2008 founder Tina Surman started Tlam Limited following a mutual agreement with her employers, a prestigious white-collar crime and litigation practice in London.

Tina headed up their accounts department as Finance Director, the costs of which were increasing year on year. During and after the recession,  the then managing partner and Tina Surman discussed the potential of taking the accounts department out of London and reducing the salary, overheads and rental costs. It made absolute financial sense.

Engaging in a new partnership, The partners of entrusted their finances to Tina to manage outside London and gave her the necessary funding to
set Tlam on its way.

Tlam was set up and traded from a serviced office in Gloucestershire with 3 staff and one management accountant remaining in London to assist with building the core competences for both businesses.

Over time Tlam were introduced to other law firms in London as well as firms UK-wide. Organically and by reputation, Tlam has grown to supporting over 50 legal practices from four offices in 2017, to building working partnerships with legal software companies and financial services, and begin R&D in advanced technologies.

That original partnership is still strong and because of Tlam, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been saved in back office functions but more importantly this enabled turnover to quadruple and profits to soar as they had the financial flexibility and professional freedom to expand and grow.



Outsourcing your finance department is the single most significant commercial move a law firm can make and in our experience, the ability to trust, is the key deciding factor.

Our clients to do not outsource – they join a partnership.

With unrivalled expertise and experience, Tlam has all the ingredients necessary for your trust in a streamlined, profitable and competent back office. Although our processes are hi-tech, precise and punctual, we do not operate at arms-length; we thrive by engaging with you on a regular basis. We operate virtually in house.


The main bulk of our operations happen at our head office in Gloucestershire. Here, our cashiering teams will post, process and archive all payments in, out and on-behalf of your clients. We act on your wishes only, going the extra mile for your needs.

Beyond cashiering, our experienced cashiers answer phones to subscribers to our cashier helpline, keeping them sharp, up-to-date and efficient.


Driving the company’s dynamism, our Tlam Directors, led by founder Tina Surman, have years of expertise between them, focusing on Compliance, Legal Software, Tax, Management and Training.

Our directors are unique. Not only do our directors offer detailed director level financial analysis, but they lead our cashiering teams, consult in the wider legal market and are at the forefront of change in the industry.