About tlam

Our Vision

Our graduates are ambitious and aspiring to become top solicitors. Under our graduate scheme, our graduates are experiencing first-hand the commercial operations of law firms and gaining the vital qualities in commercial awareness that human resources departments and recruiters look for.

Traversing types and sizes, from sole practitioner conveyancers to commercial litigants and 12 partner practices, their current work entails WIP valuations, client account reconciliations, cash-flow analysis and billing. At tlam, we nurture a disciplined understanding of financial management.


By equipping them with the enterprise tools needed for progression beyond trainee level, we believe our graduates are the managing partners of the future.

We empower our graduates by getting them out to solicitors to do paralegal work; we are completing the circle. Our vision is to add real value to our graduates, the firms which they interact with and to the firms they will eventually become apart of. tlam believes that it is part of our role to give graduates the opportunities to expand their skill set before to not only enhance their chances of gaining a training contract, but to be an integral piece of the firms that they will one day lead.

With technology providing an ever increasingly expansive means of on-demand labour and services, the legal sector is beginning to use these advancements in technology to reform the way it operates. In certain aspects, paralegals have been used in this manner for sometime, often underpinning the valuable work done by solicitors.

At tlam, we believe that this reformation is going to open up new opportunities for law firms and professional services to increase efficiency, drive down costs and ultimately provide a more succinct legal service

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The Commercial awareness programme

induction period

From the start, a solid foundation in how legal practices operate, with emphasis on understanding corporate structures, the microeconomics of law firms, as well as introductions to billing and accounting.

Two mini rotations will give graduates hands-on experience of billing and cashiering, before undertaking a short research project.

getting down to business

Following on from the induction period, graduates would then be immersed into the business through a more in-depth rotation period, lasting 12 weeks, which would place them inside different departments within tlam. These would include work within Billing, Cashiering, Business Development and Classified Projects, enabling our trainees to develop a quality skill set from within each of these business areas.

tlam paralegal work

As well as developing their commercial awareness, our graduates will also be exposed to legal work through the tlam Paralegals service which is facilitated by tlam Group. This service provides ad hoc paralegal assistance for law firms as they desire, and will allow our graduates to gain valuable work experience within an active law firm whilst working for us on a permanent, semi-permanent or remote basis.