TLAM Ltd is a business run by accountants with specialist law firm cashiering knowledge. We offer specialist Legal Cashiering help to law firms, practitioners and related professionals within the legal industry.

The UK legal industry faces growing financial challenges from government, regulators and the market. Rapid change lies ahead for most small and mid-size firms, and only the fittest will survive. Our mission is to help law firms flourish in even the most difficult circumstances.

With the SRA's launch of outcomes-focussed regulation on October 6th 2011 it is important that solicitors embrace the new flexibility of regulatory compliance and with TLAM we are available to help you innovate and diversify.

Unlike many accountants, who tend to operate at arms length, we really know how book-keeping systems work in law firms and why they go wrong. We offer effective diagnosis, troubleshooting, and system tuning and the information we provide can make a radical difference to a firm's performance.

In a rapidly changing market many firms will need to consider merger, sale or closure. TLAM offers accurate and quick financial assessments which can make all the difference to a deal.

Our services make a real difference at any stage of the financial cycle from acquisition or system set-up to merger, sale or closure.

We assist firms both in the private client and legal aid sectors.